I get stunned all the time for POE game now

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I get stunned all the time for POE game now

I get stunned all the time, and also I'm dying a lot!
You most likely didn't invest into much +Life on your items or have little to no evasion going on your gear. Both stats prevent you from getting stunned. Also, you want to have Enfeeble + Blasphemy active. This Build further prevents you from getting hit hard enough to get poe orbs stunned. If you still are getting stunned for some reasons you can use the "Soul of the Brine King" Pantheon.

I do no or very little damage!
You most likely have a very slow weapon with no crit chance. Maybe you also don't have both Heralds active and leveled to the level of the content you were trying to kill, or you don't have a high enough "Added Lightning Damage" gem in your setup. I recommend looking into the "how to gear your character" section again for the detailed info.

- 33.1 MILLION BULLSHIT DPS and 12 Million actual-DPS
- high map-clearing-speed
- strong defenses that make the build hardcore-viable
- cheap and smooth to start a new League
- insane scaling with high-end-gear
- no League-specific or Legacy-Items needed
- Fast Uber-Lab farmer

- interactions require careful(!) reading of the cheap poe orbs guide
- killing the hardest content requires about 5ex investment
- Elemental-reflect maps need to rerolled (when not using anti-reflect gear/Pantheons)
All of these can be find in https://www.playerhot.com/games/path-of-exile/Golds now...so welcome on. great!